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The future of DTC commerce is dominated by bullshit predictions and buzzwords. Retail isn’t dying. Customers don’t want VR, AR, AI, or to buy via voice. And native social selling is broken. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on “trends.” But it also doesn’t mean you should build your future on them.

Today and tomorrow, three pillars drive growth:

1. Content: Owned audiences through storytelling

2. Commerce: DNVB’s single most important acronym

3. Community: Beyond “channels,” putting customers at the center

Join Aaron for a State of the Commerce Union, slammed to the hilt with data, frontline experts, and practical examples you can put into action.

Featured Content:

State of D2C 2019 Report: Presented by Yotpo Exclusively at DTC Day East.

Discover the latest marketing trends in the direct to consumer industry as Yotpo unveils the latest in State of D2C Marketing. The 2019 report is designed to establish a benchmark for eCommerce marketing practices as digital-native and legacy brands compete in the D2C arena.

Data includes:
eCommerce KPIs
Investments in eCommerce Experiences: customer content, referrals, loyalty programs
Investments in Marketing Channels
Top acquisition channels

The talks highlights real-world advice from Kate Fernandez, Director, Global Brand Marketing at Winky Lux on how D2C brands can use this survey data to their advantage.

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