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1) The Value: after DTC Day East, you will leave with a new found clarity on how to run your DTC brand.

2) The ROI: You will get all the insights from some of the most innovative brands and marketers. Speakers who have scaled many businesses pass the $100M mark. These speakers have agreed to share their knowledge only at DTC Day East. One insight could help your brand solve some challenges and generate millions in revenue for years to come.

3) The Timing: DTC Day East is happening in Q2. All the insights shared will allow your team just enough time to implement by Q4.

4) The Speakers: We have some of the most innovative DTC brands including Sustain, Tuft & Needle, and Winky Lux. They will be sharing their experience across many topics. We have 22 total speakers and 10 total tracks. Topics covered include growth, retail, social, data, performance marketing, branding and innovation. You will be learning from people who have been there and done that.

5) Featured Content: This one is special. Yotpo will be presenting their official 2019 State of D2C exclusively at DTC Day East. If there's one thing you do not want to miss, it's this. Get exclusive access to the insights, what the best DTC Day brands are doing now, including what their plans are for the future.

6) Implementation: DTC Brands hate fluff and so do we. All of our speaker will present actionable content. You will be able to take away this content and apply it as soon as you get back to your desk the following Monday.

7) Networking: At DTC Day East, you will not have salesy agency or salespeople all over trying to get your money. This event is limited to brands and retailers only. That means, you will be in a room full of people who are experiencing similar challenges as you are. Meet other brands that are crushing it, ask questions, and make new friends.

8) The Attendees: This is a community of brands and retailers. We vet every person that applies to attend. We are ensuring the highest quality of attendees.

9) The Environment: We have a wonderful venue in the middle of NYC. We'll provide breakfast, lunch and a light dinner (less expenses on the business card). We'll include snacks and breaks to ensure you have energy throughout the day.

10) The Schedule: DTC Day is happening only on one day. That doesn't mean we won't have a lot of content. We have a total of 18 keynotes and 6 panels, in one day. We get it. Everyone is busy. That's why we want to knock everything out in one day.

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