Moody Nashawaty

Chief Strategy Officer, MuteSix

About me

Moody serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and leads the company's strategic growth plan, creative initiatives, and manages over $400 million in digital ad spend annually. He partners with client executives to build analytic solutions for lead generation and online ecommerce giants that drive revenue growth. With expertise in consumer behavior and purchasing triggers, Moody’s core focus is Facebook, Instagram, native, onsite CRO, and analytics solutions for our lead generation clients. Moody has a proven track record of experience in supporting a diverse portfolio of clients and businesses through product, membership and paid/social strategies at companies including Audience Delivered, Shift.com, and Experian Consumer Direct. Moody is a thought leader on Facebook advertising and eCommerce and is a frequent speaker at events and on the highly popular MuteSix podcast.

Moody Nashawaty

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State of D2C 2019 Report: Presented by Yotpo Exclusively at DTC Day East.

Discover the latest marketing trends in the direct to consumer industry as Yotpo unveils the latest in State of D2C Marketing. The 2019 report is designed to establish a benchmark for eCommerce marketing practices as digital-native and legacy brands compete in the D2C arena.

Data includes:
eCommerce KPIs
Investments in eCommerce Experiences: customer content, referrals, loyalty programs
Investments in Marketing Channels
Top acquisition channels

The talks highlights real-world advice from Kate Fernandez, Director, Global Brand Marketing at Winky Lux on how D2C brands can use this survey data to their advantage.

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